Optics and Vision Science

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Optics and Vision science foresees the progression in Vision optics, Vision science and Optometry. Biomedical optics is a part of ophthalmology and is the segment of Vision science which has many facets including how to correct refractive error or other optical defects in a best way and how to visualize and model the optical structures prevalent in the eye such as crystalline lens, cornea and in detail about the imaging of pictures with fine detail in retina. It also involves the design and development of Optical systems for the presentation of 3-dimensional information in various displays such as head-mounted virtual reality setups and mobile devices.  

  • Optics and Radiations
  • Optical Power of the Eye
  • Optic Nerve Diseases
  • Spectacle Lens
  • Contact Lens
  • Biophysics of Vision
  • Stereopsis: 3D Vision

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